BILSI Information:

In order to complete a purchase on TSC Liquidation Auctions all U.S. based buyers must set up an account with BILSI. BILSI is a licensed customs broker that will act on your behalf to clear your goods through customs and deliver them to their final destination. To get started with the BILSI account creation process please use the contact information below:

Jeremy Motley
905-606-2222 ext. 381

The Process:

  • Once your BILSI account has been set up, BILSI will be notified of any orders that you win on the marketplace.
  • BILSI will then pick up the merchandise from TSC Liquidation Auctions and prepare the related customs documentation. 
  • Confirmation of the shipping address on file will be confirmed and then BILSI will ship to the merchandise across the border to the final destination. 

Please note that all associated costs & processes, including all required customs documentation and related taxes, duties & fees. all customs advice, services and billing delivered by BILSI is between BILSI and the US buyer.