Product Conditions

Customer Returns

Please be advised that this inventory may show signs of wear and tear. More specifically, the inventory could have scuffs, damages, or other flaws. All items will be sent in their original packaging unless the packaging was damaged. Additionally, all consumer electronics are uninspected and have not undergone any functional testing. Items may show signs of wear including scratches, dents and cracks. All items are sold "as is".

New Condition

Discontinued/overstock inventory that is viewed as new  and doesn't contain signs of wear, tear or defects. All jewellery on TSC Liquidation Auctions features new condition merchandise. 

Showroom Samples

Product was used for on-air demonstrations. Items may, or may not be in their original packaging.


Damaged items that may not be functional. Items may have significant cracks, scuffs, and/or dents.

Melt Down Jewelry

Precious metals ( gold and silver) suitable to be melted down.